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A team of 150 people between Italy and Spain: we try to have a consultants' approach, alongside our clients from industry and the civil sector. Our areas of focus? They are two: cooling and refrigeration technologies and wastewater treatment.   Design, construction, sales.   Discover the cooling and wastewater treatment solutions for your needs.  

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MITA Cooling Technologies

MITA Cooling Technologies: was established in Milan in 1960 and immediately distinguished itself in the production and marketing of:
  • Open and closed circuit cooling towers for civil and industrial water
  • Evaporative condensers
  • Adiabatic coolers and condensers
  • Complete cooling systems
In 60 years of activity, over 30,000 systems have been installed throughout Europe. What distinguishes MITA Cooling Technologies is its methodical approach to each project.



TORRAVAL Cooling is a Spanish company established in 1967 and acquired in 2012 by MITA Group as part of an important step forward for the Group’s expansion abroad. TORRAVAL Cooling designs, realizes and commercializes field-erected cooling towers for the process industry, oil and gas facilities and power generation plants.
The company has installed over 12,000 systems all over the world. TORRAVAL Cooling represents a strategic choice in completing the product offering and the internationalization of the business. It is industrial excellence that enriches the know-how of MITA Group in terms of skills, research, development and experience.




FRIGOFLUID started its activity as a producer of industrial refrigerators and coolers in 1995. From the very beginning, Frigofluid has operated as a professional consultant for the industrial chilling sector. Our deep, wide-ranging expertise led us to change the direction of the market dynamics: no longer from the manufacturer to the user, but from the user to the manufacturer.

This is a recent acquisition in line with the development and growth strategy of MITA Group in cooling field: now MITA Group can offer refrigeration technologies along with evaporative and adiabatic ones to customers.

MITA Water Technologies

The company designs, manufactures and markets equipment for the purification and filtration of both civil and industrial wastewater, such as:
  • Cloth filters
  • Biorulli for biological purification
  • Lamellar packs for sedimentation and oil separation
  • Continuous sand filters
  • Dissolved air floatation (DAF) systems
  • Plastic chain scrapers
  • Disc and tubular air diffusers
  • Filling materials for trickling filters
MITA Water Technologies had been a division of MITA since 1971 and was established as an independent company in 2001.


An Integrated Approach to Water and Process Fluids

Almost every industry has a need to cool water or other process fluids. On the other hand, many enterprises are also beginning to treat "the blue resource" and purify it for effective reuse.

Not only that. Heat disposal can take place, depending on different customer needs through different but complementary solutions: cooling (evaporative cooling towers, adiabatic coolers, sub-coolers) and refrigeration (chillers) technologies. The synergy between companies in our group, which deal with these different areas, is thus the everyday occurrence.

And this is the utility of an integrated approach to management of water and, in general, of process fluids: for our customers, the advantage is having a range of solutions for all its cooling and treatment needs.


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