Real success is in the capacity to change

The hallmark of MITA Group is its orientation to the needs of its customers.This implies an ability to anticipate the changes underway so as to provide a timely response in terms of products and services.

The right attitude to change is indispensable and requires a constant questioning and reformulation of new and alternative proposals.

The products manufactured by MITA Group are never standard, but customized to customer needs.
Another important element, which perhaps distinguishes MITA Group even more, is that of providing continuous customer assistance before, during and after the purchase of a product.

All this is the result of a rich experience acquired over 60 years of operations, progressive technological investments and the employment of highly qualified personnel.


Determination to propose innovative solutions

MITA Group has continued to grow and develop over time by following a corporate philosophy guided by clear and precise concepts of Sustainability, Reliability and Innovation.

This is implemented with a firm determination to continuously improve and a formidable capacity to identify real needs and propose the very best solutions. The goal is to create value in satisfying customers, suppliers, partners and all stakeholders.

This management philosophy has contributed to the creation of quality products and services in line with the latest needs.

Loyalty, seriousness, honesty and competence are our shared values in the pursuit of these objectives.


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